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Listwidget format
Navigation widget for lists
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Provided by: Semantic Result Formats
Added: 1.8.0
Removed: still supported
Requirements: none
Format name: listwidget
Enabled by default: 
Indicates whether the result format is enabled by default upon installation of the respective extension.
Authors: James Hong Kong
Categories: misc
Class: SMWListResultPrinter, SRFListWidget
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↓ INFO ↓

The result format listwidget, part of Semantic Result Formats, is a navigation widget that extends the standard list printer with:

  • An alphabet-based widget (either as list or menu) to any UL or OL list
  • A pagination widget

The navigation widget can be useful for larger list sets such as directories, alphabet lists etc.


Parameter Type Default Description
sep text , The separator for values
template text empty The name of a template with which to display the printouts
named args yes/no no Name the arguments passed to the template
userparam text empty A value passed into each template call, if a template is used
introtemplate text empty The name of a template to display before the query results, if there are any
outrotemplate text empty The name of a template to display after the query results, if there are any
import-annotation yes/no no <smw-paramdesc-import-annotation>
class text empty Specify an additional cascading style sheet class
listtype text unordered Specify the list type
widget text alphabet Available widget
pageitems whole number 5 Items per page
  • [listtype] = ( 'unordered', 'ordered' ) (default = unordered)
  • [widget] = alphabet, menu, pagination (default = alphabet)
  • [pageitems] = used for pagination and determines how many elements should be displayed per page unit (default = 5)


{{#ask:[[ ... ]]


This documentation page applies to all SMW versions from 1.8.0 to the most current version.

Help:Listwidget format en 1.8.0