The tooltip functionality in SMW 1.8.0 was re-factored and together with the jquery plugin qtip2 builds the central component for displaying context information.

The tooltip supports a hover like behaviour [such as
hover like behaviour for entities marked ...
] for entities marked with smwttinline (properties etc.) or a persistent like behaviour [such as
persistent like behaviour allowing interactions with ... see Help:Adding tooltips
] allowing interactions with the tooltip for entities marked with smwttpersist.
  • Objects marked with smwttinline will adopt a hover like behaviour with no closing button and will automatically hide by crossing over the tooltip border.
  • Warning tooltip will behave in a similar manner as smwttinline marked objects.
  • Service link tooltip will have a closing button and allow interactions until an event will close the tooltip
  • Info tooltip will behave like the a service link tooltip

Please have a look at ext.smw.tooltip.css for adjustments related to the icons used and for any other related styling isses see style documentation, demos and tips, and implementation samples.

Why qtip2

Tipsy and the jquery UI tooltip allow simple tooltip functionality but when it comes to enhanced user interactions it needs a more comprehensive plug-in that can provide greater flexibility.

Used by


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This documentation page applies to all SMW versions from 1.8.0 to the most current version.

Help:Tooltip en 1.8.0