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Eventcalendar format
Has description::An event calendar with different views of displaying days and events
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Example: Demo:Event calendar, SMWCon Fall 2012/Calendar
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↓ INFO ↓

The result format eventcalendar makes use of the jquery.fullcalendar plugin to generate an event calendar with different views ('month', 'basicweek', 'basicday', 'agendaweek', 'agendaday') to choose from.




Format specific


NoteNote:  Available values for the parameters:

  • defaultview: month, basicweek, basicday, agendaweek, agendaday
  • firstday: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
  • start: current, earliest, latest
  • legend: none, top, bottom, tooltip, pane
  • theme: basic, vector


Data model

It is recommended that an event entity is represented by an subobject to allow individual events to be placed within the same page source and to separate source from data.

An event is specified as a single entity represented by a title, start date, end date (optional), color (optional), icon (optional), and/or description (optional). This data model stipulates that a subject (page) contains one event or in case it contains several events those events are represented as individual subobjects within the same page.

If you want to generate recurring events, please have a look at the #set_recurring_event function.

Column 0 Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4 Column 5 Column N
Purpose Event Start date/time End date/time Icon Color Description ...
Datatype text/page date date page text text/page ...
Role data (mandatory) data (mandatory) data (optional) data (optional) data (optional) data (optional) ...
Example Lorem ipsum dolor 10 Aug 2012 06:00 10 Aug 2012 14:00 File:event-schedule.jpg #f00, #ff0000, rgb(255,0,0), or red Lorem ipsum dolor ... ...
Note Color properties should be of type text to avoid any potential issues caused by color definitions such as #ff0000


A property can describe a color or icon and be assigned to an individual event.


Icons are expected to be uploaded and available within the wiki itself. The event calendar will not make any transformations of icons and therefore any icon uploaded should have an appropriated size to enable a normal display behavior.

Properties that carry a special meaning can be variable within a query while its identifier remain fixed without the need for extra parameters (Fixed identifiers are title, icon, color) resulting in a query like

|?Has event icon=icon
|?Has color=color
/* Event calendar help class */ 
.smw-eventcalendar {

Calendar start

"current" (default) determines the initial calendar start as the current year/month/day.

"earliest" can be used where planned events are outside of the current month and the calendar display should reflect the earliest event within those selected events. This option allows to show events beyond the current month without having to browse its earliest entity.

SRF 1.9

Changes deployed with SRF 1.9 are far reaching both internally and visual therefore it might happen that some "glitches" sustained after testing but we don't expect major interruptions.

If I have time I will write some more otherwise this is a wiki, please help to enhance the documentation.

Filtering option

In case the calendar uses the color option to indicate different typological content (events), a filtering option can be used to filter events through a property (location, type etc.) that is semantically linked by its color.

The parameter |legend is responsible for the positioning of the portlet that is used to display the content. Available options are top, bottom, tooltip, pane, or none.

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|?Has Location

User preferences

Event calendar user preferences are described here.


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