New extensions on a wish list


--22:16, 1 April 2015 (CEST)
Yaron, I am well interested in this subject. I understand the importance to bring structure in the development and maintenance of extensions. Not only from a governance perspective, also for the users: what if I am looking for a piece of additional functioanlity and I can only find it in an extension that is no longer maintained or has a dubious state of performance? And what is I have a wish list of new functions, that may very well lead to new extensions? Is there a way to drop the ideas in a common dropbox and enagge with developers and other enthusiasts? Peter.

22:16, 1 April 2015

Sorry for the delay! The poorly-maintained extensions are a real problem - part of the role of WikiWorks and other such companies, in my opinion, is to provide more of a guarantee of continuity for code. And it would be great if offered more of a sense for the current state of extensions, through ratings and such - which is something that has been discussed often, but hasn't occurred. As for a "dropbox", there's the SMW mailing list, and Wikimedia's Phabricator...

15:59, 13 April 2015