Show problem but ask no problem


Hello, I have a little problem in the Semantic 3 version between Show and Ask. I want to output the subject declared as a number so I can do more calculations later.

declared into templed

{{#subobject:{{{Turnier|}}} |Has object type=Eventberechnung |Has event={{{Turniername}}} |Has turnier_tanzahl={{#ask:[[Has object type::Event team]] [[Has event::{{FULLPAGENAME}}]] |format=count |default=0}} }} }}

Working is ok, Number 6 is correct,

Attribut:Has turnier tanzahl

Result: Testturnier 2016#Testturnier 2016BERE + 6 +

In the result template, I receive different results for ask and shown

{{#ask: [[Has object type::Eventberechnung]] [[Has event::{{FULLPAGENAME}}]] | ?Has turnier_tanzahl+ | mainlabel=-}}

Result: Testturnier 2016#Testturnier 2016BERE 6

I change ask by show I get the default zero, but i need only the Number 6;

With format=debug i get the Errors and Warnings

Das Symbol „[[“ wurde an einer Stelle verwendet, an der es nicht sinnvoll ist.

Der Teil „]]“ der Abfrage konnte nicht interpretiert werden. Die Ergebnisse entsprechen möglicherweise nicht den Erwartungen.

But I can not see where a "[[ ]]"does not make sense! How else should I determine the correct data record?


I hope I presented my problem reasonably understandable? Thank you for your help!

23:13, 2 December 2018

Yeah, #show is not meant to be used like this. I recommend to stick to #ask

16:56, 7 December 2018