Integrate search in pdf files with elasticstore


We are really starting to appreciate the ElasticStore for SMW. And immediately a use case pops up where we have pdf files that are nicely searchable with CirrusSearch.
Is there a plan to integrate that with SMW? And is there a way we could help in achieving that? The general use case is that we have lots of pdf files with additional metadata on other pages than the file page. It would be awesome if we could do something like: [[-File.Date::in:2019]] [[-File.Type::Magazine]] [[in:propeller hartzell]].
Which means: give me all files that have a linked page through the 'File' property with Date in 2019 and of Type Magazine. The files should contanin the words proppeller or hartzell and be returned in relevancy order.

12:32, 30 December 2019

Yes, it is possible to ingest the contents of files for SMW. You need to install the file ingester plugin for Elasticserach and set the following if you are using a settings profile:

"indexer": {
                "experimental.file.ingest": true

See this docu for more information.

13:15, 3 January 2020

The local docu will be added here once I have time.

19:55, 29 January 2020