Not a valid URI in Special:ExportRDF

Fragment of a discussion from Help talk:RDF export

> Using Special:ExportRDF on my site I got this error message:

For the following [0, 1] examples I cannot verify your report, please provide a link where the description of yours can be observed.

[0] view-source:

[1] view-source:

02:05, 20 May 2017

This is what I got at :

This page contains the following errors:
error on line 18 at column 21: xmlns:wiki: 'http://' is not a valid URI
error on line 19 at column 29: xmlns:category: 'http://' is not a valid URI

And every time I use the RDF icon on the right-top of the BrowseProperties Form:
Now if you click of the examples above [0,1], you'll get the same.
Perhaps I did not understand your request.


09:54, 8 June 2017