Upgrading from MW 1.24.1 to 1.25.2 cause error

From semantic-mediawiki.org

Call to undefined function enableSemantics()

to upgrade i had to remove the semantic extensions from the localsettings.php. the update program (MW-config) wouldn't get past "enableSemantics( 'repopnation.com' );" and let me upgrade. So i remove that and the extensions under it to update. Got thru update. Placed the text back into localsettings.php and bamn i get the "Call to undefined function enableSemantics()" on the front page aiming me at that line again.

so for the time being i removed Semantic from the php so my people could at least use part of the wiki.

Did i do something wrong? should i not had bothered to upgrade MW? I couldnt see any steps of how to do the upgrade differently if i used SMW.

please help... thanks!

21:17, 17 August 2015

Which version of SMW are you using? Which other semantic extensions were you using?

22:55, 17 August 2015