"Dynamic queries"

From semantic-mediawiki.org

In a way, "Dynamic queries" implies that the construction of the query itself is dynamic, i.e, its restrictions, formatting parameters, etc, can be passed to it as parameters at run time to the query construct, i.e the "Concept" in SMW terms, which is great to have, but as far as I understand is not the case so far.

The results of the query are generally expected to by "dynamic", and that is what is in fact meant here by "dynamic queries" so maybe this needs to be addressed, or simply, "dynamic queries" is not used in this context. Perhaps "modular" queries would be a better description?

09:59, 1 October 2018

As far as I can see the docu talks about dynamic categories and this is spoken in a crude way, what it is.

15:36, 2 October 2018