Concrete example would be great


For a few days I have been trying to get the subobjects feature with forms working. I am stuck at even finding a working example. I was not able to understand the following explanation:

If you want to semantically store all the data contained in these multiple-instance templates, it is recommended to use either the Semantic Internal Objects extension, or, if you have version 1.8 or later of Semantic MediaWiki, subobjects. (If you use subobjects, you should pass in a blank as the first parameter, so that each subobject gets an automatically-assigned name.)

I am using the PageSchema way of creating forms and templates which seems to make things even more difficult. The PageSchema software does not mention any subobject feature.

07:23, 20 October 2013

Hi - unfortunately, Page Schemas doesn't support #subobject yet - that needs to be added. For now, it only supports the similar #set_internal call, in the Semantic Internal Objects extension. So you could either install SIO and re-edit the schema, or modify that multiple-instance template, after it's generated by Page Schemas, by taking out all its current SMW property tags and replacing them with a single #subobject call.

19:15, 20 October 2013