Talk Namespace with semantic links


I disagree with the statement "In fact, is is not obvious what a meaningful property of a talk page could be." For instance it could be used to tag proposals for enhancements of articles / wiki pages if it is not clear whether these changes should be committed to the page directly (the wiki way), e.g. because it currently does not comply with the site guidelines. -- Anyhow, I use a semantic "recently-change" #ask query in my SMW, and I would like to see Talk Pages on that list as well. However, even though NS_TALK is set to true both in the initial $GLOBALS['smwgNamespacesWithSemanticLinks'] array and in an extra $wgNamespacesToBeSearchedDefault[NS_TALK] = true; statement (both are after the enableSemantics()-statement), the edit page keeps telling me I cannot use semantic annotations, and consequently the talk pages do not show up in my recently-changed-#ask-query. I start to wonder whether this works at all. Has anybody seen or get to work semantic annotations in SMW talk namespace? Oleander Hans (talk)

13:15, 30 March 2015

Well, if you look long enough for a meaningful reason you will find one. Reality has it that everything seems possible, so I will remove this sentence.

About your issue. I just tested on my test wiki by adding

$smwgNamespacesWithSemanticLinks[NS_TALK] = true;

after the enableSemantics call and indeed properties may now be set and they also pop up in my query results. Also the help message at the top tells me that I may now add annotations to the talk pages in main talk. There must be something else in the water at your end since I cannot confirm your findings.

16:31, 30 March 2015

It eventually turned out our admin had moved the wiki directory to a new location while leaving the old copy in place. Thus I was editing a localsettings.php to no effect... Sorry for the false alarm, and thank you for the (as always) kind and patient response.

12:59, 31 March 2015

That was written long ago, when properties belonged to the pages' subjects, not the pages themselves; and a talk page has no subject. Now than several special properties like Modification date are introduced, this is not the case.

03:51, 31 March 2015