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This page lists reference material for Semantic MediaWiki other than the documentation on this website. These materials cover Semantic MediaWiki, as well as related extensions including extension "Page Forms"Allows to create and use forms for adding and editing pages with and without semantic data (formerly Semantic Forms), extension "Semantic Result Formats"Provides additional formats for semantic queries, extension "Maps"Allows embedding of dynamic maps, geocoding and geospatial operations (formerly Semantic Maps), extension "Semantic Compound Queries"Provides a parser function that displays multiple semantic queries at the same time, extension "Semantic Drilldown"A drilldown interface for navigating through semantic data, etc.

Parser functions

Annotation syntax

{{#set: … }}
{{#subobject: … }}
{{#set_recurring_event: … }}

Query syntax

{{#ask: … }}
{{#show: … }}
{{#concept: … }}
Related extensions
{{#compound_query: … }}
{{#calendarstartdate: … }}
{{#calendarenddate: … }}
Part of Semantic Result Formats. See Help:Calendar format
{{#scite: … }}
{{#drilldownlink: … }}


{{#info: … }}
{{#smwdoc: … }}

In-text annotation

[[Property name::property value]]
See In-text annotation (and for context, Properties and types). Not to be confused with similar syntax inside #ask.

Magic words

Show or hide the Factbox at the bottom of the page
Related extensions

See also


Working with MediaWiki[edit]

Working with MediaWiki is a general reference guide for MediaWiki, which provides information for both beginning and advanced MediaWiki administrators. Around one third of the book covers Semantic MediaWiki and its related extensions. This book was written by Yaron Koren and released in November 2012 as well as updated in 2014. The second update of 2017 no longer covers Semantic MediaWiki.

Quick reference[edit]

The Semantic MediaWiki quick reference is a two-page "cheat sheet" that was created and maintained by Yaron Koren, and it can be used, modified and re-published under the Creative Commons by-3.0 license. It was last updated on October 10, 2013.

Obtain the Semantic MediaWiki quick reference here: PNG file (1.36 MB) / PDF file (251 KB)

You can also download the original SVG file, if you want to make a modified or translated version, here.

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