Semantic MediaWiki 3.0.0

Semantic MediaWiki 3.0.0Semantic MediaWiki 3.0.0
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Semantic MediaWiki 3.0.0
Date de sortie: 11 10 2018
Version précédente : Semantic MediaWiki 2.5.8
Version suivante : Semantic MediaWiki 3.0.1
Compatible avec (en) : MW 1.27.0 - 1.31.x
Dernière version :
SMW 4.1.3

Version 3.0.0 de Semantic MediaWiki est la version majeure qui suit la Semantic MediaWiki 2.5.0 . Elle apporte plusieurs nouvelles fonctions, enrichi l'existant, corrige les bogues et améliore la stabilité de la plateforme. Pour plus d'information, voir plus bas sur cette page, les NOTES DE LIVRAISON en anglais. Veuillez vous reporter aux pages d'aide concernant l'installation ou la mise à jour de Semantic MediaWiki pour avoir les instructions détaillées sur la manière de faire ceci.

Après la mise à jour n'oubliez pas d'exécuter le fichier de maintenance "update.php" de MediaWiki avant de continuer à travailler avec Semantic MediaWiki.
Semantic MediaWiki 3.0.0Released on 11 October 2018 and compatible with MW 1.27.0 - 1.31.x. apporte des changements de syntaxe volontaires qui peuvent affecter votre wiki. N'hésitez pas à voir le guide de migration pour plus d'informations.

Semantic MediaWiki 3.0

Released on October 11, 2018.


This release brings many highlights:

User interface changes

Several user interface changes are deployed to make user facing front-end components more intutive and mobile-friendly by improving the responsiveness on small screens including:

  • Special page "Ask" (#2891, #2893, #2898, #3415) – including further enhancements, most notably input assistance on input fields (#2699), comprehensive input help (#2907) and compact links (#3017)
  • Special page "Browse" (#2891, #2875) – including further enhancements, grouping of properties (#2874) and compact links (#3017)
  • Special page "SemanticMediaWiki" (#3218)
  • Property pages – boxed pagination (#3236), tabbed navigation (#3308) including usage count information (#3440) and custom tabs (#3416)
  • Concept pages – boxed pagination (#3236), tabbed navigation (#3308) and custom tabs (#3416)
  • Factbox (#2906)
  • Special page "Concepts" (#3333)

List formats and template format rework

The "list" formats (list, ol and ul) and the template format were completely reworked with the latter being renamed to plainlist (#3130) now being the default result format if no result format was explicitly specifed for the query. Most notably dedicated separators for values, properties and result "rows" (sep, propsep, valuesep) were introduced as well as class attributes to HTML elements of "list", "ol" and "ul" formats were added to facilitate easy indidual styling. Note that the plainlist format does not apply these additional class attributes.

See the migration guide for a comprehensive overview of the changes done.

Search and query

Local-specific (ICU) sorting and collation is now possible for pages as well as values of datatype "Page" (#2065) facilitated via configuration parameter $smwgEntityCollation (#2429).

Special page "Search" now provides and additional search form accessible via the "Extended" selector in case the "SMWSearch" feature was enabled (#3126). with custom search forms definable in the new "smw/schema" namespace (#3431).

It is now possible to define remote sources which can be queried using special page "Ask" or doing inline queries (#3167).


Various effort have been put into improving the performance of the software, most notably with these three code changes: #3142, #3261 and #3286 with the latter facilitating less expensive paging limits on various user facing special pages via configuration parameter $smwgPagingLimit.


Even though Semantic MediaWiki now supports the extension registration approach with "extension.json" (#1732), enableSemantics remains the sole point of activiation for SMW itself to ensure that data and objects are prepared in advanced and users do not have to modify any existing settings in their "LocalSettings.php" file.

This release requires (#2065, #2461, #2499) to run the "setupStore.php" or "update.php" script and a missing upgrade process will redirect users to an error message to remind him or her of a required action. Note that running the schema update may take quite long (minutes on a medium sized site, many hours on a large site).

Note that SMW requires write access to the code directory meaning that you currently cannot update. This will be fixed in the following relase allowing to configure an alternative directory for this purpose.

After the upgrade, please check the "Deprecation notices" section on special page "SemanticMediaWiki" to adapt and modify listed deprecated settings.

If you are still using maintenance scripts identifiable by the "SMW_" prefix you must now migrate to the new maintenance script names. See the help pages on maintenance scrips for further information.

#3198 switched to PHP 5.6 as minimum requirement as well as to MediaWiki 1.27 as minimum requirement.

Please also carefully read the section on breaking changes and deprecations further down in these release notes. We have also prepared a migration guide for you.


Semantic MediaWiki no longer provides file releases (See #3347). If command line access to the webspace is not available or if the hoster imposes restrictions on required functionality an individual file release will have to be created.

New features and enhancements


  • #1732 Added support for "extension.json"
  • #2916 Added supplements jobs during the installation process
  • #3095 Added database upgrade check with ".smw.json"


  • #2461 Improved performance on fetching incoming properties
  • #2882 Added detection of duplicate entities upon storage
  • #2516 Added an optimization run during the installation process (setupStore.php) for SQL tables managed by Semantic MediaWiki
  • #2065 Added entity specific collation support with help of the $smwgEntityCollation setting
  • #2499 Added $smwgFieldTypeFeatures with SMW_FIELDT_CHAR_NOCASE to enable case insensitive search queries
  • #2536 Added SMW_FIELDT_CHAR_LONG as flag for $smwgFieldTypeFeatures to extend the indexable length of blob and uri fields to max of 300 chars
  • #3080 Added warm up caching for the ID lookup
  • #3142 Replaced DISTINCT with GROUP BY in SQLStore::getPropertySubjects
  • #3261 Added support for index hint in DataItemHandler to enforce specific index selection
  • #3314 Moved the FIXED_PROPERTY_ID_UPPERBOUND from 50 to 500 to increase the range for fixed property IDs
  • #3353 Added support in SQLite to drop fields without the need to delete and restore the entire store
  • #3360 In MySQL/MariaDB increase ID field size from "int(8)" to "int(11)". Postgres and SQLite have no size restriction.
  • #3390 Adds the smw_rev field to the smw_object_ids table to track an entity instance and its associated revision ID (represents the raw content)
  • #3397 MediaWiki removed Database::nextSequenceValue in commit wikimedia/mediawiki@0a9c55b#diff-278465351b7c14bbcadac82036080e9f. SMW added this functionality back for the sake of Postgres.


  • #3054 Added ElasticStore to use Elasticsearch as query backend
    • #3237, #3241, #3245, #3247, #3249, #3250, #3253
  • #3152 Added extra debug query parameter (scoreset, qengine) to special page "Ask"


  • #2738 Added information whether SMWSearch search mode is enabled or not for special page "Search"
  • #3006 Disabled default autocompletion for terms starting with [[ in special page "Search" for the SMWSearch type
  • #3096 Added section title display support to indicate subobjects
  • #3126 Added extended power profile form
  • #3143 Hides namespace section and add auto-discovery
  • #3145 Added simplified term parser to SMWSearch (see #3157, #3281)
  • #3234 Added support for displaytitle in SearchResult
  • #3237 Added support for highlights from external search engine, if available
  • #3419 Add search autocompletion options when $wgSearchType = 'SMWSearch';:
    • in:Foo bar equivalent to [[~~*Foo bar*]]
    • phrase:Foo bar equivalent to [[~~"Foo bar"]]
    • has:Foo bar equivalent to [[Foo bar::+]]


  • #2398 Added #ask and #show parser function support for @deferred output mode (see also #3257)
  • #2476 Added $smwgQExpensiveThreshold and $smwgQExpensiveExecutionLimit to count and restrict expensive #ask and #show functions on a per page basis
  • #2953 Added support for natural sort (n-asc, n-desc) of printout column values
  • #2662 Added +depth as syntax component for a condition to restrict the depth of class and property hierarchy queries
  • #2558 Added like: and nlike: comparator operator for approximate queries
  • #2572 Added @annotation as special processing mode to embedded #ask queries
  • #2673 Added the Query state special property to be able to track an internal state when a #ask uses @annotation or @deferred as special execution mode. In addition to internal usage, one can also now find all deferred queries with {{#ask: [[Query state::200]] |format=ul }}
  • #2873 Added support for in: as expression to the #ask syntax
  • #3125 Added support for phrase: as expression

Result formats

  • #2420 Added support for a datatable output in the format=table (and broadtable) result printer
  • #2515 Added support for #LOCL#TO date formatting to display a local time offset according to a user preferrence
  • #2677 Added +width as parameter to the format=table (and broadtable) result printer
  • #2690 Added the type parameter to format=json in support for a simple list export
  • #2718 Added ad-hoc export for the format=table datatable
  • #2824 Added bom as parameter to format=csv
  • #2826 Added valuesep as parameter to format=csv to define a value separator
  • #2822 Added add merge parameter to format=csv
  • #2844 Renamed output formatter #-ia to #-raw
  • #3024 Added format=templatefile to support individual export formats defined using MediaWiki templates
  • #3009 Added #tick and #num output formatter to boolean value type
  • #3011 Added the $smwgDefaultOutputFormatters setting to declare default output formatter for a type or property
  • #1315 Added support for media files to the feed printer
  • #3130 Reworked list format
  • #3162 Added support for {{DISPLAYTITLE}} to the feed printer
  • #3136 Added class parameter to list format


  • #2696 Added a new smwbrowse API module (#2717, #2719, #2721)
  • #3052 Added api_version to ask, askargs API
  • #3129 Added API pvalue browse module
  • #3381 Added API psubject browse module


  • #794 Added SMW_PARSER_UNSTRIP to $smwgParserFeatures enabling to use unstripped content on a text annotation
  • #2348 Allow showing annotations even if they are improper for datatype "Text"
  • #2435 Added filtering of invisible characters (non-printable, shyness etc.) to armor against incorrect annotations
  • #2453 Changed the approach on how referenced properties during an article delete are generated to optimize the update dispatcher
  • #2471 Added SMW_CAT_REDIRECT option to allow finding redirects on categories
  • #2494 Added $smwgChangePropagationProtection and changed the approach on how property modifications are propagated
  • #2543 Extended EditPageHelp to be disabled using a user preference
  • #2561 Added listing of improper assignments to the property page for an easier visual control
  • #2595 Improved the content navigation in special page "SemanticMediaWiki"
  • #2600 Added $smwgCreateProtectionRight setting to control the creation of new properties and hereby annotations as part of the authority mode
  • #2615 Added filter=unapprove to special page "WantedProperties"
  • #2632 Added uniqueness violation check on the property page for the property label used
  • #2699 Added an input assistance for the condition textbox on special page "Ask"
  • #2726 Added entity input assistance for editors and the input field on special page "Search" (#2756)
  • #2776 Added tracking of changes to categories (see 2495)
  • #2785 Added new styling to property page value list
  • #2796 Allows "rendering of HTML" on special page "Ask" when using |headers=plain in queries
  • #2801 Added --skip-optimize and --skip-import to setupStore.php (see 2516)
  • #2803 Filter categories from transcluded content in format=embedded
  • #2815 Added #nowiki support for external identifier type
  • #2820 Added check on declarative property usage
  • #2840 Added $smwgPropertyReservedNameList to define reserved property names
  • #2842 Added $smwgURITypeSchemeList to restrict valid URI scheme
  • #2861 Added restriction for a property name that contains a CR, LF
  • #2867 Added singular, plural category canonical check
  • #2874 Added grouping support for properties to special page "Browse"
  • #2875 Changed the theme on special page "Browse" to smwb-theme-light
  • #2878 Added value filter to the property page
  • #2883 Added function to special page "SemanticMediaWiki" to find duplicate entities
  • #2889 Added method to make subobject sortkeys distinguishable
  • #2891 Added flex (responsive) mode to special page "Ask" and special page "Browse" div table
  • #2893 Changed special page "Ask" appearance (#2898)
  • #2895 Changed display of named subobject caption to appear without an underscore
  • #2906 Added flex (responsive) mode to the factbox
  • #2907 Added modal help to special page "Ask"
  • #2913 Added a job queue watchlist feature and the $smwgJobQueueWatchlist setting
  • #2922 Added SMW_BROWSE_SHOW_SORTKEY flag to the $smwgBrowseFeatures setting
  • #2930 Added limit to value selection on the property page
  • #2932 Added "removeDuplicateEntities.php" script to remove duplicate entities
  • #2933 Added $smwgDefaultLoggerRole setting to define logging granularity for Semantic MediaWiki
  • #2973 Set initial stats entry for non-fixed predefined properties
  • #3017 Added the $smwgCompactLinkSupport setting to compact links produced by special page "Ask" and special page "Browse"
  • #3019 Added experimental support for the SMW_NS_RULE namespace
  • #3020 Added the keyword (_keyw) type
  • #3029 Added function to keep updated entities in-memory to improve rebuild performance
  • #3088 Modernized special page "Page property"
  • #3167 Added support for RemoteRequest to share and consolidate query results from remote sources
  • #3284 Added the --dispose-outdated flag to the "rebuildData.php" maintenance script
  • #3289 Added support for the JSON format in the Allows value list definition
  • #3292 Added support for bounded intervals, ranges in Allows value for number and quantity types
  • #3293 Added tanslation page annotation (_TRANS) support
  • #3308 Extended content representation on property and concept pages using tabs
  • #3318 Added smwgPostEditUpdate to manage post edit event handling for seconday updates via the API interface
  • #3319 Sets an extra parser key for queries that contain a self-reference to improve the result display after an edit event
  • #3339 Added support for uniqueness validation in records/references
  • #3416 Added support for <section> on property pages to put user-defined content into SMW-defined tabs
  • #3415 Added "compact view" to hide query on special page "Ask"
  • #3429 Changed default submit method of special page "Ask" to POST. Submit method can be modified by setting $smwgSpecialAskFormSubmitMethod to SMW_SASK_SUBMIT_GET, SMW_SASK_SUBMIT_REDIRECT, or explicitly setting the default SMW_SASK_SUBMIT_POST.
  • #3431 Moved namespace "Rule" to namespace "smw/schema"
  • #3436 When an entity is deleted, check for possible open references and keep the ID in case it has a residual reference by turning it into a simple object instance (setting smw_rev and smw_proptable_hash to null)
  • #3440 Changed property pages to show the property usage count in the tab
  • #3441 Added flags to maintenance script "rebuildData.php":
    • --revision-mode: Skip entities where its associated revision matches the latests referenced revision of an associated page
    • --force-update: Force an update even when an associated revision is known
  • #3443 Changed job queue job names from SMW\ prefix to smw. prefix. Example: SMW\UpdateJob -> smw.update

Bug fixes

  • #481 Fixed "further results" link with special page "Ask" and templates
  • #502 Fixed template with named arguments use in #show
  • #839 Fixed and extended special page "Ask" to be more maintainable
  • #2001 Fixed issue with smw_subobject and the generation of duplicate entities
  • #2505 Fixed hard-coded default value for format=csv
  • #2586 Fixed class assignments for empty cells in format=table
  • #2621 Fixed sort/order field behaviour in special page "Ask"
  • #2652 Fixed handling of multiple checkbox parameter in special page "Ask"
  • #2817 Fixed Fix preg_replace ... unmatched parentheses
  • #2871 Fixed PHP 7.2 each use in SearchResultSet
  • #2881 Fixed display of display dispatched ID in DataRebuilder
  • #2884 Fixed "Cannot use object of type MappingIterator as array"
  • #2896 Fixed display of inverse indicator for translated predefined properties
  • #2902 Fixed "LBFactory::getEmptyTransactionTicket ... does not have outer scope"
  • #2909 Fixed use of LBFactory::getEmptyTransactionTicket
  • #2915 Fixed connection instantiation
  • #2917 Fixed "DataItemException ... Unserialization failed: the string ..."
  • #2919 Fixed fetching all entities during a delete
  • #2958 Fixed to mark subobject entities as done in ExportController
  • #2963 Fixed recognition of $wgDBadminuser in maintenance script "setupStore.php"
  • #2969 Fixed PHP 7.2 "Warning: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable" issue
  • #3000 Fixed fetching namespace aliases
  • #3010 Fixed breaking links in an abbreviated text by the StringValueFormatter
  • #3025 Fixed storage of query information during a preview activity
  • #3026 Fixed replacement of smw_proptable_hash during setup
  • #3031 Fixed duplicate entry smw_prop_stats exception
  • #3033 Fixed "The supplied ParserOptions are not safe ... set $forceParse = true" during the upload of files
  • #3049 Fixed concept selection
  • #3067 Fixed processing of simple links containing | during the in-text annotation parsing
  • #3076 Fixed factbox magic works
  • #3082 Fixed use of ParserOptions::setEditSection for MW 1.31
  • #3107 Fixed recognition of ::= in LinksProcessor
  • #3134 Escape / in property names
  • #3144 Return IDs as integer when matching all entities
  • #3336 Fixed issue in special page "Ask" with sort parameter where the first parameter is left empty
  • #3322 Fixed issue in UpdateDispatcherJob with selecting unrelated entities
  • #3336 Fixed special page "Ask" to recognize first empty sort parameter as page title, e.g. |sort=,Has foo
  • #3375 Fixed error "Invalid sort: title. Must be one of: relevance". MediaWiki default sort type is only relevance. SMW added title, recent, and best.
  • #3389 Fixed "Error: 23505 ERROR: duplicate key value violates unique constraint "smwnewpkey"" by setting SQL temporary table id field to type SERIAL instead of INTEGERY PRIMARY KEY
  • #3393 Fixed MW 1.31+ highlighter issue causing extra inline <p> which added newlines to display
  • #3413 Fixed a performance issue for maintenance script "rebuildData.php" by doing SELECT on pages+namespaces rather than just pages.

Breaking changes and deprecations

  • #1345 Setting multiple values to the #set and #subobject paser functions using pipe | is deprecated. Use the +sep parameter instead.
  • #2495 Store::getPropertySubjects and Store::getAllPropertySubjects will return an Iterator instead of just an array
  • #2588 Removed special page "SemanticStatistics"
  • #2611 Removed the user preference smw-ask-otheroptions-collapsed-info
  • #2640 Removed $smwgAutocompleteInSpecialAsk
  • #2659 Removed deprecated constant SMWDataItem::TYPE_STRING (replaced by SMWDataItem::TYPE_BLOB)
  • #2696 Soft deprecate the browsebyproperty API module, the new smwbrowse should be used instead
  • #2705 Removed usages of deprecated ResultPrinter::getParameters
  • #2724 Added $smwgUseComparableContentHash and will be removed with 3.1 to help migrating subobject hash generation
  • #2730 Replaced $smwgCacheUsage settings
  • #2732 Replaced $smwgQueryProfiler settings
  • #2748 Removed ContextSource from ResultPrinter instances
  • #2750 Removed $smwgSparqlDatabaseMaster and $smwfGetSparqlDatabase
  • #2752 Renamed $smwgSparqlDatabaseConnector to $smwgSparqlRepositoryConnector
  • #2761 Renamed $smwgDeclarationProperties
  • #2768 Changed default setting for $smwgSparqlRepositoryConnector
  • #2788 Resources are now being exported as Internationalized Resource Identifiers (IRI) by default.
  • #2790 Removed deprecated entry points for maintenance scripts
  • #2802 Consolidated $smwgParserFeatures setting
  • #2806 Consolidated $smwgCategoryFeatures setting
  • #2821 Consolidated smwgQSortFeatures setting
  • #2841 Replaced $smwgLinksInValues with the SMW_PARSER_LINV flag now maintained in $smwgParserFeatures, PCRE option has been removed
  • #2880 Migrated special property message keys to new naming schema
  • #2899 Removed $smwgScriptPath
  • #2927 Removed SEMANTIC_EXTENSION_TYPE flag
  • #2944 Removed deprecated methods in SMW\DIProperty
  • #2961 Renamed smwAddToRDFExport hook
  • #2995 Updated old namespace in Spanish
  • #3164 Removed SMW_NS_TYPE ns and $smwgHistoricTypeNamespace
  • #3231 Consolidated $smwgPagingLimit setting
  • #3267 Removed SMWQueryProcessor::getSortKeys
  • #3285 Deprecated API module BrowseBySubject, use smwbrowse instead
  • #3307 Replaced smwgCacheType with smwgMainCacheType
  • #3315 Consolidated smwgSparqlEndpoint sparql endpoint setting
  • #3366 Replaced deprecated alias SMWDIProperty with DIProperty in SMWDataValue
  • #3364 Removed long-deprecated static functions SMWWikiPageValue::makePage and SMWWikiPageValue::makePageFromTitle
  • #3363 Removed deprecated ResultPrinter::$m_params. Use ResultPrinter::$params instead.
  • #3399 Removed several functions deprecated since SMW 1.9 from SMW\DataValueFactory
  • #3401 Removed long-deprecated functions ResultPrinter::textDisplayParameters and ResultPrinter::exportFormatParameters
  • #3403 Removed long-deprecated function SMWResultArray::getNextObject
  • #3405 Removed long-deprecated SMWDIString
  • #3406 Removed long-deprecated function SMWRecordValue::getDV
  • #3407 Removed deprecated global function smwfIsSemanticsProcessed

Other changes

  • #2342 Added the display of invalid data value annotations for datatype "Text"
  • #2485 Disabled updates by the QueryDependencyLinksStore on a 'stashedit' activity
  • #2491 Added ChunkedIterator to DataRebuilder to avoid OOM situations in case of a large update queue
  • #2535 Fixed property namespace (_wpp) display in WikiPageValue
  • #2540 Added type parser-html to JSONScript testing to allow assertions on HTML structure
  • #2591 Discontinued reading MediaWiki job table, use the JobQueue::getQueueSizes instead
  • #2609 Added check to special page "Ask" to require JavaScript
  • #2631 Disabled purge button while JS resources are still loaded
  • #2650 Replaced some styles in special page "Ask"
  • #2653 Fixed broadtable width with the "MobileFrontend" extension
  • #2676 Added support for column default values in the TableBuilder
  • #2680 Added null_count column to PropertyStatisticsTable
  • #2691 Replaced #info icon set
  • #2698 Added persistent caching to the HierarchyLookup
  • #2714 Added SMW::GetPreferences hook
  • #2727 Moved parameter processing from QueryProcessor to ParamListProcessor
  • #2745 Moved ResultPrinter base class
  • #2747 Moved TableResultPrinter
  • #2751 Added RecursiveTextProcessor to isolate $wgParser access in ResultPrinter
  • #2765 Added SMW::Setup::AfterInitializationComplete hook
  • #2774 Moved SMWQueryParser to SMW\Query\Parser
  • #2783 Added JsonSchemaValidator
  • #2785 Moved PropertyPage and ConceptPage
  • #2845 Extended use of cached hierarchy instance
  • #2847 Introduced different approach to update query dependencies
  • #2888 Introduced Setup::initExtension to allow an early registration of SpecialPage_initList and ApiMain::moduleManager hooks
  • #2908 Refactored the ConnectionProvider
  • #2928 Moved SQLStore::fetchSemanticData to SemanticDataLookup
  • #2972 Added SMW::SQLStore::EntityReferenceCleanUpComplete hook
  • #3032 Added the SMW::LinksUpdate::ApprovedUpdate and SMW::Parser::ChangeRevision hook
  • #3061 Added detection of changes emitted by the BlockIpComplete, UnblockUserComplete, and UserGroupsChanged hook
  • #3063 Moved import files to data folder
  • #3070 Added SMW::Admin::TaskHandlerFactory hook
  • #3131 Added CONTENT_MODEL_RULE to be able to do schema validation before a save sometime in the future. Switching to an alternate model at a later stage would only create headaches.
  • #3138 Fixed use of $wgExtensionDirectory to find SMW's "extension.json"
  • #3146 Moved table hash cache handling
  • #3160 Moved FeedExportPrinter and added integration test
  • #3260 Moved SMWSQLStore3::changeSMWPageID
  • #3275 Moved SMWSQLStore3Readers::getPropertySubjects
  • #3282 Moved SMWSQLStore3Readers::getProperties
  • #3384 Isolated the handling of "ALTER SEQUENCE ..." for Postgres
  • #3432 Moved SMW\CategoryResultPrinter to SMW\Query\ResultPrinters\CategoryResultPrinter


  • 1036 - James Hong Kong
  • 147 - for the translator community
  • 120 - Karsten Hoffmeyer
  • 50 - Jeroen De Dauw
  • 13 - Stephan Gambke
  • 7 - Kumioko
  • 6 - Iván
  • 6 - Zoran Dori
  • 4 - James Montalvo
  • 4 - Máté Szabó
  • 2 - Jaider Andrade Ferreira
  • 2 - Josef Konrad
  • 2 - TK-999
  • 1 - Amir E. Aharoni
  • 1 - C. Scott Ananian
  • 1 - Kunal Mehta
  • 1 - Peter Grassberger
  • 1 - Prateek Saxena
  • 1 - Stephan
  • 1 - Thiemo Kreuz
  • 1 - Timo Tijhof
  • 1 - Toni Hermoso Pulido
  • 1 - ka7
  • 1 - matthew-a-thompson
  • 1 - salle
  • 1 - غلامحسین حق دوست

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