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This software bundle is no longer being maintained and does not work with recent versions of MediaWiki and Semantic MediaWiki as well.

Semantic Bundle was a pre-packaged bundle of extensions for use with wikis that are based around the Semantic MediaWiki extension. It can be obtained either through Git or by downloading a single .7z, .tgz or .zip file. See this page for an in-depth documentation and the downloads.


Semantic Bundle provides a number of important benefits over downloading and installing individual extensions; among them:

  • it provides a "best practices" set of extensions around Semantic MediaWiki, based on user experiences
  • it simplifies download, especially for those systems that don't have Git, and especially for those extensions (like ParserFunctions) that don't have a standard downloadable version already
  • it tries to guarantee working code by using tagged, stable versions of extensions whenever possible
  • it simplifies installation by providing a pre-generated list of includes

Included extensions[edit]

The extensions listed in this table are part of the bundle. Note that not all extensions included in this bundle are shown here.

Extension "Admin Links"Defines a special page that serves as a "control panel" that holds helpful links for administrative tasksYaron KorenAL
Extension "Arrays"Allows storing and computing of named arraysDaniel A. R. Werner
Extension "Data Transfer"Allows for importing and exporting data contained in template callsYaron KorenDT
Extension "External Data"Allows for retrieving structured data from external URLs, databases and other sourcesYaron Koren
Michael Dale
David Macdonald
Extension "Page Forms"Allows to create and use forms for adding and editing pages with and without semantic dataYaron Koren
Stephan Gambke
Extension "Page Schemas"Defines the data structure for all pages in a category using XMLYaron KorenPS
Extension "Semantic Image Input"Adds an image input to Semantic Forms that pulls images from Wikipedias and Wikimedia CommonsJeroen De DauwSII
Extension "Semantic Watchlist"Lets users be notified of specific changes to Semantic MediaWiki dataJeroen De DauwSWL
Extension "Semantic Watchlist"Lets users be notified of specific changes to Semantic MediaWiki dataJeroen De DauwSWL