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Semantic Bundle
Installs and loads Semantic MediaWiki and associated extensions
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Maintainer(s): Jeroen De Dauw
First released: September 2019
Release: stable
Development: active
Area of usage: Adding and modifying data
Association:SMW = Semantic MediaWiki, SB = Extension "Semantic Bundle", MW = MediaWiki MW, SB
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Wikidata-ID: Q43369795


This page documents the software bundle created in September 2019 which is compatible with MediaWiki 1.31 and Semantic MediaWiki 3.0 and not the precursing bundle that last supported MediaWiki 1.23 and Semantic MediaWiki 1.9.2.

Semantic Bundle is a bundle extension that installs and loads Semantic MediaWiki and associated extensions. See the extension's "README" file for further information and how to use it.


For novice and occasional system administrators Semantic Bundle provides important benefits over installing individual extensions; among them:

  • it tries to guarantee working code by using tagged, stable versions of extensions whenever possible
  • it simplifies installation by providing a pre-generated list of includes

Included extensions[edit]

The 0 extensions listed in this table are currently1 part of the bundle: So far no extension included in the Semantic Bundle was documented in this wiki.


Extensions like extension "Semantic Scribunto"Provides service functions to support the Scribunto extension are not bundled since extensions they depend on need extra attention during setup and installation.

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