SMWCon Fall 2013

SMWCon Fall 2013
The 8th conference on Semantic MediaWiki (SMWCon) brings together developers, users, and organizations from the semantic wiki community around the world.
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Start: October 28, 2013
Finish: October 30, 2013
Calendar: Event schedule
General Chair: Benedikt Kämpgen
Local Chair: Karsten Hoffmeyer
Program Chair: Yury Kaktov

Sponsorship Chair: Yury Kaktov

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Wikidata-ID: Q42407105
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Berlin, Germany,
Lehrter Str. 12, 10557 Berlin, Germany
Berlin, Germany
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The 8th SMWCon Fall 2013 took place in Berlin, Germany from October 28th to 30th 2013 (Monday - Wednesday). The Semantic MediaWiki conference brings together users, developers and all other people interested in semantic wikis.

SMWCon Fall 2013 was organised by Wikimedia Deutschland e. V. with the help of Open Semantic Data Association e. V..

For more information about the conference series, see SMWCon. For general discussions or questions about this conference please use the discussion page or user mailing list.

The hashtag on Semantic MediaWiki on Twitter Twitter is #SMWCon.

#SMWCon Social Media Recap


SMWCon Fall 2013 will be held at A&O Berlin Hauptbahnhof, Lehrter Str. 12, 10557 Berlin, Germany. It is just a 5 to 10 minutes walk away from Berlin Central Station and may easily be reached by public and private transport. Though easily accessible in the centre of Berlin, the venue is in a quiet side street. See this page for information about Berlin as such.


Tutorial day - October 28[edit]

In the Tutorial Day our experts will teach various topics related to semantic wikis: usage, applications, business models etc. We also have special developer track.

Full program schedule → Tutorial day button.png

Conference days - October 29 and 30[edit]

The Conference Days gather people from business, academia, government and non-profit organizations giving talks about applying semantic wikis as well as about newest developments in the field. Click on the button to see the program.

Full program schedule → Conference day button.png

Contributions made[edit]

A tabular overview of contributions made is available at this page on SMWCon contributions.

Proposed lightning talks[edit]

See the page on Lightning talks.

Community discussion[edit]

See the page for the community discussion.


See the list of attendees on the registration page.


There was a public review process during the conference. Thanks to all the reviewers

  • Yury Katkov
  • Benedikt Kaempgen
  • Karsten Hoffmeyer
  • Markus Kroetzsch
  • Yaron Koren
  • Jeroen De Dauw
  • Michael Erdmann
  • Frank Dengler
  • Lydia Pintscher
  • Bernhard Krabina
  • Remco de Boer
  • Laurent Alquier
  • Jan "Saruman!" Schoonderbeek
  • John McClure
  • Boris Yarmakhov
  • Irina Pochinok

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