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SMWCon Fall 2013SMWCon Fall 2013/Call for Tutorials

Hello to all semantic wiki gurus!

SMWCon Fall 2013 is coming and we’re now preparing the tutorials. If you are an experienced user of SMW or another semantic wiki software and have good presentation skills you can apply for giving a tutorial.

We roughly divide the tutorials into two basic groups: basic and advanced.

Basic tutorials are designed for newcomers in semantic wikis and those who want to organize their knowledge in a systematic fashion. Here are the possible topics for them (each of these topics may also include hands-on session):

  • Intro to MediaWiki
  • Intro to SMW+SRF
  • Intro to SF
  • Intro to Page Schemas
  • Intro to M+SM
  • Adding and querying information from Wikidata
  • Intro to some other semantic wiki (??)

Advanced tutorials are for experienced users and are concentrated on new features, tuning up and best practices. We’ve come up with the following ideas of such tutorials but you are free to extend this list:

  • Programming extensions for MW (+hands-on)
  • Programming SMW core (+hands-on)
  • Programming extensions for SMW (+hands-on)
  • Making money from SMW: intro into consulting business
  • Importing and exporting data. Using bots with SMW (+hands-on?)
  • Giving and getting support - how to debug and write good bugreports
  • Using triple stores and SMW
  • Using Wikidata extensions in the enterprise

How to become a tutorial presenter?[edit]

Just create the page for your proposed tutorial in our conference wikipage and describe in the details (provide the presentation or write 7-10 paragraphs of text) the topic you want to cover. Since the tutorials must be of a guaranteed high quality we will peer-review your submission and will contact you afterwards.

Additional requirements for the tutorials[edit]

The tutorial is different from the regular talk and require much more responsibility from the presenter. Because of that we recommend to:

  • Use only freely available tools (open source or freeware).
  • Allowed time for the tutorials is approximately 1 hour.
  • if you plan a hands-on session, please describe it in details. The

time for hands-on can be up to 2,5 hours.


  • You should finish your abstract (5-6 paragraphs of text) by the 1st of August.
  • Post your abstract to using Talk
  • The full tutorial description will be required until 30th of September.
  • We will surely contact you several times to discuss the details and help preparing

Cheers, Yury Katkov, WikiVote!, Program Chair