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A MediaWiki news channel! HasConferenceContributionAspectCode
A SMW referatory for qualitative Research Software, Workflows and Projects HasConferenceContributionAspectCode
Best practices for creating extensions using BoilerPlate and Example HasConferenceContributionAspectCode
Business Process Management (BPM) with MediaWiki HasConferenceContributionAspectCode
Cargo and Page Forms: state of the extensions HasConferenceContributionAspectCode
Conference Program Keynote HasConferenceContributionAspectCode
Connections between SMW and Wikibase HasConferenceContributionAspectCode
Creating a wiki-farm with automated new instance deployment with Ansible scripts: challenges and learnings HasConferenceContributionAspectCode
Design/configure templates for optimal use with VisualEditor HasConferenceContributionAspectCode
Easy MediaWiki setup/installation management with Meza HasConferenceContributionAspectCode
Enable extended RDF support by Semantic MediaWiki HasConferenceContributionAspectCode
Exploiting and empowering semantic data with 2 new semantic extension: Sparql Result Format and Semantic Auth/Profiling HasConferenceContributionAspectCode
Extension "WSForm" hands-on HasConferenceContributionAspectCode
FINA Wiki - SMW supporting numismatic research HasConferenceContributionAspectCode
FabMob, a Wiki to empower mobility communities working on open source HasConferenceContributionAspectCode
Fundamental MW security/safety considerations for 3rd party users HasConferenceContributionAspectCode
Host's Keynote HasConferenceContributionAspectCode
How we hacked Visual Editor to add an edit images feature HasConferenceContributionAspectCode
Identifying your Users HasConferenceContributionAspectCode
Keep your careful structure of templates, forms, properties, etc. under transparent version control HasConferenceContributionAspectCode
Leveraging Semantic Mediawiki and Mediawiki in a user friendly way HasConferenceContributionAspectCode
Lightning Talks HasConferenceContributionAspectCode
Lightning Talks, Open Mic, Unconference Moderation I HasConferenceContributionAspectCode
Linking inside and into your wiki HasConferenceContributionAspectCode
MWStake induced extension certification (MWS Certification) HasConferenceContributionAspectCode
Navigation in the new Electrical Installation Guide Wiki HasConferenceContributionAspectCode
OpenResearch - Find your scientific conference HasConferenceContributionAspectCode
OpenResearch - Find your scientific conference HasConferenceContributionAspectCode
SMW Social Media Activities HasConferenceContributionAspectCode
Smart iconography on your wiki HasConferenceContributionAspectCode
The WMF Core Platform Team: Roadmap Update and Q&A HasConferenceContributionAspectCode
Unconference Moderation II HasConferenceContributionAspectCode
User-friendly wikis HasConferenceContributionAspectCode
WSArrays - an easy way to use complex arrays in your wiki HasConferenceContributionAspectCode
Ways to implement main end user use cases HasConferenceContributionAspectCode
Yearly Semantic MediaWiki overview HasConferenceContributionAspectCode - a shared Railway Digital Knowledge Vault HasConferenceContributionAspectCode
semantic::isms - The Smart ISMS-Wiki HasConferenceContributionAspectCode
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