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Name  Erdmann
First name  Michael
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About me  My company DIQA provides products and services for smart portals. Semantic MediaWiki is one of our main platforms for solution development. You might want to check out DataWiki and Power-Search for MediaWiki.
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Events  SMWCon Fall 2010, SMWCon Fall 2021

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Project based on SMWwill be announced, soonSMWCon Fall 2014
The Canton of Zurich will deploy a SMW-based portal to manage historical monumentsAbout 5.700 historical monuments are located in the Canton of Zürich that are going to be managed and documented in a SMW-based portal that is delivered by DIQA.SMWCon Fall 2014
Introduction to MediaWiki and Semantic MediaWikiThis tutorial is for the absolute beginners. It introduces the (Semantic) MediaWiki platform for collaborative content management, starting from basic page creation and climbing the complexity ladder to advanced semantic annotations and queries.SMWCon Fall 2013
SMW+ TutorialIn this hands-on tutorial we will demonstrate the additional features provided by SMW+.SMWCon Fall 2012
Crowdsourcing KASMWCon Fall 2012