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Name  Gruner
First name  Martin
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About me  Working at Universty Library Würzburg (Germany)
Publish?  Yes
Events  SMWCon Fall 2011, SMWCon Fall 2012, SMWCon Fall 2013, SMWCon Fall 2016, SMWCon Fall 2017, SMWCon Fall 2018, SMWCon Fall 2023

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Semantic MediaWiki in Humanities, Education and Social ScienceThis workshop presents and discusses Semantic MediaWiki as a tool and environment for research in Digital Social, Educational and Humanities Research.SMWCon Fall 2017
Use case "Kallimachos" – Semantic MediaWiki as tool for text annotation and edition of medieval books in ehumanitiesThe University Library Würzburg uses Semantic MediaWiki as a tool in an OCR and publishing workflow.SMWCon Fall 2016

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