Marijn van Wezel

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Name  van Wezel
First name  Marijn
Job title  PHP developer at Wikibase Solutions
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Events  SMWCon Fall 2023

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Talk Other SMWCon TalksDescriptionEvent
Digital accessibilityKeeping digital accessibility in mind when developing extensions and writing wikitext to make your wikis easier to navigate and read.SMWCon Fall 2023
Making your wiki Parsoid-compatible using ArrayFunctions and LuaA hands-on hackathon/workshop where you learn to make your wiki Parsoid-compatible using ArrayFunctions and Lua.SMWCon Fall 2023
Powerful and popular extensionsA lightning talk about extensions that are popular with our customers, and might be interesting to others as well.SMWCon Fall 2023
Introduction of WikiGuardWikiGuard is an extension that implements policy based access control for wikis. In this talk WikiGuard will be explained and demonstrated. The purpose of the talk is to have a first step towards a good access control system for wikis.SMWCon Fall 2022
WSArrays - an easy way to use complex arrays in your wikiWSArrays is an extension which creates an additional set of parser functions that operate on multidimensional and associative arrays. Additionally, it adds a new result printer to SMW called "complexarray", which will define a multidimensional array that can be operated via MediaWiki through several parser functions. The extension allows you to easily map the results of a query onto a template with named args, as well as change the arrangement of items in the array, getting a single value from the array, pushing items to the array and much more.SMWCon Fall 2019