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SSL setup broken111:56, 25 November 2015
No "component=Semantic MediaWiki" on Bugzilla301:22, 30 December 2012

SSL setup broken

Hi, sadly the HTTPS connection gets refused, because the cert isn't uptodate and some other aspects of TLS could be improved.

19:45, 24 November 2015

Yeah, the cert is a known problem and I actually do not want to see the qualys results for obvious reasons.I hope that this website is moving to a new machine soon or the the old one gets updated. Thanks for reporting.

11:56, 25 November 2015

No "component=Semantic MediaWiki" on Bugzilla

There's neither a product or component "Semantic MediaWiki" on Bugzilla ( which makes finding and reporting bugs pertaining to SMW a bit cumbersome.

Reported as a bug at

12:15, 28 December 2012

I closed this bug as invalid since it is all there. Cheers

17:30, 28 December 2012

Thanks for the quick reply. I found it ...

19:23, 28 December 2012

Great, happy reporting. Hopefully the issue is not too serious. Cheers

01:22, 30 December 2012