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Overlay images not available for displaying1222:41, 16 January 2015
Captions020:05, 23 September 2014
feature request: multiple caption properties011:13, 8 October 2013
How to hide the border around images ?018:04, 4 August 2013
Enabling redirects feature when image are displayed in simpel #ask query218:03, 4 August 2013
faster the slideshow100:10, 15 July 2013
Only for local files023:03, 6 October 2012

Overlay images not available for displaying

I may be missing something from the examples and the docs, but I cant get the gallery format to display the full size images with the overlay option. I do get the results and their thumbs but when I click on them, I get the "The requested content cannot be loaded. Please try again later." message. Inspecting the HTML I see that the "href" attribute on the <a> element is empty, which is why the image is not loaded on the fancybox. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance :)

Bmachin (talk)17:54, 9 April 2013

It works on this wiki. Unless you provide more information (SRF/SMW/MW version) and how to replicate the described behaviour (best to have have access to a public wiki), it will hard for anyone to provide useful assistance.

MWJames (talk)19:25, 9 April 2013

Hello, thanks for the reply. My last attempt looks like this:

 {{#ask: [[File:picture1.jpg]] OR [[File:picture2.jpg]]|?A_property|format=gallery|overlay=yes}} 

Version details: MediaWiki 1.20.2, Semantic MW 1.8, SRF 1.8

Bmachin (talk)19:56, 9 April 2013

The above cited example works on this wiki as well. See [1]

[1] Select images directly

MWJames (talk)20:33, 9 April 2013

Well, we managed to solve it at last. We are not sure its the best solution, but it works for now. On the "" we changed the line 64 from this:

var title = image.attr( 'href' ).replace(/.+?\File:(.*)$/, "$1" ).replace( "%27", "\'" ),

to this:

var title = image.attr( 'href' ).replace(/.+?\Archivo:(.*)$/, "$1" ).replace( "%27", "\'" ),

We are using a Wiki in Spanish, I should've mencioned it ("Archivo" is spanish for "File"). Is there a better solution?

Cheers, Benjamín.-

Bmachin (talk)23:54, 10 April 2013

Nice, you are the first testing it with a non-En language therefore [1] should fix this. This change will only go into 1.9, any other version should apply it manually.


MWJames (talk)03:10, 11 April 2013

I tested on Opera 12.15 for Win/Linux and the images overlay option stops working on this wiki. It was fine a few days ago.

Aanet (talk)01:29, 20 April 2013

I tested on Opera 12.15 for Win/Linux and the images overlay option stops working on this wiki. It was fine a few days ago.

Aanet (talk)01:29, 20 April 2013

I just checked Overlay images with Opera 12.02 and it works.

Due to the language issue, the JS script needed a change therefore pages served by the ResourceLoader need to be purged.

MWJames (talk)02:45, 20 April 2013

I'm getting the same error, though I'm using English language. MW 1.19.3, SMW, SRF 1.8 on IIS7.5 Windows Server 2008 R2.

 {{#ask: [[Category:some category]] [[Has some property::property1]]

The little square boxes don't show up. And when I hover over the image, the browser shows the destination URL to be the page URL, whereas on the demo page, it shows the destination URL as the image's File: URL or the actual image URL.

I wonder if this has something to do with a conflict with another extension.

Without the overlay=yes parameter, a standard gallery is shown, and inspecting the destination URL when hovered over the image shows the File: URL.

Tommyheyser (talk)07:11, 3 May 2013

With no accessible public source available to inspect the issue and the format working on, there is yet little chance for making suggestions about the possible cause or solution.

The only advice I can give is to compare the examples on with the examples you have employed and check for possible JavaScript errors (see here).

PS: The change cited above for multilingual namespace support is only deployed with SMW/SRF 1.9.

MWJames (talk)12:18, 3 May 2013

I know this is old, but I just ran across this problem myself. On Windows servers, the href uses "%3A" instead of ":". Changing

var title = image.attr( 'href' ).split( encodedNsText + ':' ), to var title = image.attr( 'href' ).split( encodedNsText + '%3A' ),

on line 96 of worked for me.

D3mon187 (talk)20:49, 12 January 2015

Some issues I am finding:

  • Text properties containing wikitext are not parsed as expected when referred as captionproperty.
  • autocaptions=no appears to be ignored.

For example;

PJosepherum (talk)20:05, 23 September 2014

feature request: multiple caption properties

Can't there be more then one caption property whithin the gallery? like:

This would improve this format behave more like other result formats.

Carchaias (talk)11:13, 8 October 2013

How to hide the border around images ?


Nicolas NALLET (Sémantiki)18:04, 4 August 2013

Enabling redirects feature when image are displayed in simpel #ask query

Hello, I have a simple ask query that displays some pages on a table including some pictures attached by a semantic value to the pages.

Is that possible to enable the redirects in order to go directly to the page when clicking to the picture ?

You can see the table here in which pictures are displayed in the column "Image"


Nicolas NALLET (Sémantiki)14:06, 1 June 2013

The simple answer is no because your query

{{#ask: [[Category:Module]] [[Type de module::Emetteur]]
|?Forme du module
|?Construit par

uses the table format to display images. Image redirects is a feature only supported by format=gallery and since format=gallery and format=table are two different result formats they can't be mixed unless someone adds a capability to the table printer to do so as well as in case of format=gallery.

MWJames (talk)20:27, 1 June 2013

Ok thanks for your answer I understand that you can't work more on this extension which is very useful already,

For those who would like doing the same thing : This could be easily workarouned in storing in a "string" value the following sentence:



Nicolas NALLET (Sémantiki)17:59, 4 August 2013

faster the slideshow

Hello, Is it possible to faster the slideshow ? Thanks,

Nicolas NALLET (Sémantiki)22:24, 14 July 2013

I'm not planning to make any changes to the Gallery format but it would be easy for anyone with some JS knowledge to achieve what you were asking for.

The gallery slideshow makes use of the responsiveSlides plug-in which is initialized with data found in or with its responsiveSlides defaults.

MWJames (talk)00:10, 15 July 2013

Only for local files

As far as I understand, this only works for local files. I guess that should be pointed out in this page, unless I missed something? Rotsee (talk) 23:03, 6 October 2012 (CEST)

Rotsee (talk)23:03, 6 October 2012