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This help page lists the optional special properties. Optional special properties are provided by Semantic MediaWiki but may be disabled or enabled via a configuration parameter. The respective configuration parameters are noted on the corresponding special property's documentation page.

The following table gives an overview of all 19 optional special properties provided by Semantic MediaWiki:
NameDescriptionHelp pageSinceKey
Modification dateHolds a fixed value that corresponds to the date of the last modification of each pageHelp:Special property "Modification date"1.4.0
Creation dateHolds a fixed value that corresponds to the date of the first revision of each pageHelp:Special property "Creation date"1.7.0
Is a new pageHolds a value marking a page as being new or notHelp:Special property "Is a new page"1.7.1
Last editor isHolds the page name of the user who created the last page revisionHelp:Special property "Last editor is"1.7.1
Has queryLinks a page to the subobject created by a query recording its profileHelp:Special property "Has query"1.8.0
Query depthHolds the value of the property depth of a queryHelp:Special property "Query depth"1.8.0
Query formatHolds the name of the result format used in a queryHelp:Special property "Query format"1.8.0
Query sizeHolds the value of the number of conditions in a queryHelp:Special property "Query size"1.8.0
Query stringHolds the conditions of the query as a stringHelp:Special property "Query string"1.8.0
Query durationHolds the value of the duration a query took to executeHelp:Special property "Query duration"1.9.0
MIME typeHolds the MIME type of an uploaded fileHelp:Special property "MIME type"1.9.1
Media typeHolds the Media type of an uploaded fileHelp:Special property "Media type"1.9.1
Allows patternPattern to match a permissible valueHelp:Special property "Allows pattern"2.4.0
Display title ofHolds a specific denote title for an entityHelp:Special property "Display title of"2.4.0
Has uniqueness constraintAllows to restrict value annotation to be uniqueHelp:Special property "Has uniqueness constraint"2.4.0
Language codeHandles BCP47 conform language codes specifying the language of the annotated textHelp:Special property "Language code"2.4.0
Query parametersHolds the parameters a query used to select its outputHelp:Special property "Query parameters"2.5.0
Query sourceHolds the identifier of an alternative (e.g. remote) query sourceHelp:Special property "Query source"2.5.0
Query scodeHolds the status code a query uses to define its internal stateHelp:Special property "Query scode"3.0.0
Conversely all special properties not listed here are mandatory.
Remember to run maintenance script "setupStore.php"Allows to set up the data backend/store followed by maintenance script "rebuildData.php"Allows to rebuild all the semantic data for a selected data backend/store when disabling or enabling a special property. Further information is available on the respective configuration parameter's documentation page.