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Job statistics
Allows to view the job statistics

This page describes the job statistics as they can be seen on the "Operational statistics" page which is accessible when browsing on special page "SemanticMediaWiki". On that page it is found via the "Operational statistics" link in its "Supplementary functions" section and allows view collected statistics about the number of jobs relating to semantic tasks such as rebuilding semantic data, updating property statistics, disposing outdated entities and indexing data for the full-text search, i.e. all the special tasks that can be triggered manually by a user in the "Data repair and update" section of special page "SemanticMediaWiki".

By default all users who are administrators (user group "sysop") or Semantic MediaWiki administrators (user group "smwadministrator") may see these statistics. This can be prevented by removing the user right "smw-admin" from the wiki administrators (user group "sysop") and additionally the respective user should not be assigned to be a Semantic MediaWiki administrator (user group "smwadministrator").

Example output[edit]

  "SMW\\FulltextSearchTableRebuildJob": 1

This example shows that one job was manually queued to index data for the full-text search.

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