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User rights and groupsUser right:smw-admin
User rights and user groups
User rights and user groups allow to assign/limit the usage of certain important features to proficient editors

This help page gives an overview to the user rights and user groups provided by Semantic MediaWiki together with the features connected with them.


The following table contains user rights provided by Semantic MediaWiki to assign certain features readiness to a group of selected users. Configuration details and how to modify the user rights (and groups) in the "LocalSettings.php" can be found on the manual for user rights (

List of permissions

 Permission nameAssigned user groupDescription
User right:smw-adminsmw-adminsmwadministratorAccessing special page "SemanticMediaWiki"Provides functions for wiki administrators that assist in doing their administration work (SMW ≥ 2.5.0) / "SMWAdmin" (SMW 0.3 to SMW 2.4.x) and using the functionality connected with it
User right:smw-pageeditsmw-pageeditsmwcuratorEditing pages annotated with a positive truth value for special property "Is edit protected"Stores the status of an edit restriction of a page
User right:smw-patterneditsmw-patterneditsmwcuratorEditing system message "Smw allows pattern" and setting up the functionality connected with it
User right:smw-schemaeditsmw-schemaeditsmwcuratorEditing pages in namespace "smw/schema" and setting up the functionality connected with it

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