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Full-text search index rebuild
Allows to rebuild the index for the full-text search
Function type

This page describes the full-text search rebuild function accessible via special page "SemanticMediaWiki". It is located in its "Data repair and update" section and allows to rebuild the search index for the full-text search feature.

NoteNote: It is recommended to only use this function in case no shell access to the server is available to the wiki operator. If access to the shell is available the "rebuildFulltextSearchTable.php" maintenance script is the method of choice to do this task.

By default all users who are administrators (user group "sysop") or Semantic MediaWiki administrators (user group "smwadministrator") may use this feature. This feature can be disabled by removing the SMW_ADM_FULLT constant from configuration parameter $smwgAdminFeatures. See the linked help page for information on how this is done.


To initiate the rebuild of the full-text search index the button labeled "Schedule full-text rebuild" provided in the "Full-text search rebuild" subsection of the "Data repair and update" section on the "SemanticMediaWiki" special page has to be clicked. After doing so the highlighted system message "A full-text search rebuild job has been queued." appears to indicate that the rebuild job has been queued into MediaWiki's job queue.

Once scheduled, the rebuild job takes time varying from wiki to wiki. The more properties are used on the wiki the longer this process will take. Also the number of jobs already existing in the queue prior to initiating this rebuild job has to be taken into account since jobs are treated first in, first out. Thus the job will be served faster if many people use your wiki.

The button labeled "Schedule full-text rebuild" is shown again once the full-text search rebuild job was completed.


The work on the job queue which is governed by MediaWiki is also influenced by it's configuration setting $wgJobRunRate in conjunction with configuration setting $wgRunJobsAsync. Alternatively if configuration setting $wgJobRunRate is set to "0" a cron job for MediaWiki's maintenance script "runJobs.php" will have to be set up by the wiki's system operator to ensure that the job queue is being worked on in due time. This is the recommended approach though it is preferable in this case to disable the function described on this page and run maintenance script "rebuildFulltextSearchTable.php" directly.

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