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Title $smwgEnabledFulltextSearch
Description Sets whether full-text search support for properties may be used
Default setting
(Other) available settings

Allows to enable full-text search for properties

Software Semantic MediaWiki
First version supported
Last version supported still available
Configuration Full-text search
Keyword full-text search

$smwgEnabledFulltextSearch is a configuration parameter that sets whether full-text search support may be used. It is specific to a relational data store and currently supports MySQL/MariaDB1 and SQLite2 while PostgreSQL34 is currently not supported. It was introduced in Semantic MediaWiki

The default setting "false" disables full-text search support. This feature can be enabled by changing the setting to "true". The wiki will then store text elements using a separate table in order for the relational back-end to use special full-text index operations.

Important noteImportant Note:

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