Help:Configuration parameter "$smwgFulltextDeferredUpdate"

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Title $smwgFulltextDeferredUpdate
Description throttles the number of expected index updates
Default setting
Software Semantic MediaWiki
First version supported 2.5
Last version supported still available
Configuration Configuration is missing
Keyword Full-text search

This page is a placeholder for a setting introduced by #1481.1

This settings throttles the number of expected index updates.

It can be of advantage to postpone the update using a deferred job execution to decouple changes to the storage back-end and the fulltext index table.

In case `smwgFulltextDeferredUpdate` and `$GLOBALS['smwgEnabledDeferredUpdate']` are enabled then the updater will try to open a new process for posting instructions to execute the `SearchTableUpdateJob` immediately otherwise `SearchTableUpdateJob` will be enqueued and `runJobs.php` is required to be schedule for execution.

If a user wants to avoid the JobQueue for executing updates via `SearchTableUpdateJob` then this setting should be disabled.