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This page has been written as from the mail "Proposal for Twitter", send to the semediawiki-user mailing list.

Twitter is one of the social media services used by Semantic MediaWiki. This page expect to be a guideline about how to manage SMW's Twitter accounts and who manage them.


Account Operator Scope
SemanticMW [[kgh]] Main account, English-speaking account.
SemanticMW_es Iván Hernández-Cazorla Spanish-speaker account




  • You (operator) cannot promote your own personal SMW-based product or project as well use it for promotion in general.
  • All the content has to be related with Semantic MediaWiki. This could be relative for each one, but the operator may reason upon this reasoning:
Content ¿Tweet?
About SMW Yes
About a extension to SMW (e.g. Semantic Result Formats) Yes
About a MediaWiki's releases and extensions related to SMW (e.g. Extension "Maps") Yes
About a MediaWiki extension You have to justify the relation with SMW
... ...