Semantic MediaWiki (SMW) turns your wiki into a powerful and flexible knowledge management system.

It is a free, open-source extension to MediaWiki – the wiki software that powers Wikipedia. More than 1,600 wikis trust Semantic MediaWiki to enrich their content with semantic query capabilities, which includes many organizational users.

Structuring data, mapping content, and discovering facts are the three pillars of Semantic MediaWiki.

To learn more about Semantic MediaWiki or its related extensions, see available use cases or the getting started guide.

:: annotation

The :: annotation style enables to create annotations and content tags within seconds to help structure your data in an individual but formalized way.

? query

Using the simple ask query language enables to uncover content that has been tagged and categorized individually using [[ ]] style conditions.

rdf: mapping

Linking data via rdf: from the inside as well as from the outside is an import part of Semantic MediaWiki and is seamlessly integrated with the MediaWiki.


  • SMWCon, the Semantic MediaWiki Conference

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