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Many talks and publications are concerned with Semantic MediaWiki and its extensions. This page collects some of the relevant publications and provides links to slide sets, talk recordings, and related news stories.

Research papers[edit]

SMW has initially been developed at the AIFB institute at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), and it always has a close connection to research on semantic technologies and the Semantic Web. Thus, it is not surprising that there are a number of papers about Semantic MediaWiki. The main publication on Semantic MediaWiki as such is currently the following (follow title link for download):

In addition, various scientific and technical works have made use of Semantic MediaWiki for research purposes. The interested reader can find many works in the following sources:

SMW in the media[edit]

Semantic MediaWiki has been featured in various magazines, newspapers and other media sources since it was first launched; mostly, but not exclusively, in the German press. For a full listing, see In the press.

Talks and presentations[edit]

Many presentations about SMW have been recorded or at least provide free slides on the web. One major source of such talks are the web pages of the regular SMWCon conferences which also attempt to provide video recordings of talks (see list of contributions). Moreover, as of 2011, there has been a talk about SMW in every Wikimania conference, and videos can often be found in the online proceedings.

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