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Error produced by the upgrade and setup consistency check

The upgrade and setup consistency check was introduce to validate the status of the database and settings that influence the "shape" of its tables and indices. It is done by comparing the local upgrade key located in the setup information file ".smw.json" against the upgrade key resulting from the setting of configuration parameter $smwgUpgradeKeySets the current database schema version.

If the ".smw.json" file does not exist or contains an invalid upgrade key then the software stops before it can access any data or tables of the database.

Error message[edit]

An message is shown to the user (see also the screenshot) and the wiki will no longer be accessible until an administrator takes action to minimize any possibility of data loss due to changes in the database structure that is required by the upgrade.


Semantic MediaWiki was installed and enabled but is missing an appropriate upgrade key that matches: smw:2018-09-01.

Why Do I see this error?

Semantic MediaWiki's internal database structure has changed and requires some adjustments to be fully functional. There can be several reasons including:

  • Additional fixed properties (requires additional table setup) were added
  • An upgrade contains some changes to tables or indices making an interception obligatory before accessing the data

How Do I fix this error?

An administrator (or any person with administrator rights) has to run either MediaWiki's "update.php" or Semantic MediaWiki's "setupStore.php" maintenance script. You may also consult the following pages for further assistance:

Once the maintenance script for doing the schema changes to the database was run, the setup information file ".smw.json" will be updated and no longer causes the exception described.

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