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Title $smwgPageSpecialProperties
Description Sets the page related special properties to be used
Default setting
array( '_MDAT' );
Software Semantic MediaWiki
First version supported 1.7.0
Last version supported still available
Configuration Installation
Keyword page related special properties · special property · store

$smwgPageSpecialProperties is a configuration parameter that is used to enable or disable page-related special properties. The setting was introduced in Semantic MediaWiki 1.7.0.

Default setting

$smwgPageSpecialProperties = array( '_MDAT' );

This means that special property special property "Modification date" is active from start.

Available special properties

The following page related special properties are available for this configurations setting:
NameDescriptionHelp pageAddedLabel
Modification dateHolds a fixed value that corresponds to the date of the last modification of each pageHelp:Special property "Modification date"1.4.0_MDAT
Creation dateHolds a fixed value that corresponds to the date of the first revision of each pageHelp:Special property "Creation date"1.7.0_CDAT
Is a new pageHolds a value marking a page as being new or notHelp:Special property "Is a new page"1.7.1_NEWP
Last editor isHolds the page name of the user who created the last page revisionHelp:Special property "Last editor is"1.7.1_LEDT
MIME typeHolds the MIME type of an uploaded fileHelp:Special property "MIME type"1.9.1_MIME
Media typeHolds the Media type of an uploaded fileHelp:Special property "Media type"1.9.1_MEDIA
Display title ofHolds a specific denote title for an entityHelp:Special property "Display title of"2.4.0_DTITLE

Changing the default setting

Important noteImportant Note: MediaWiki's maintenance script "update.php" followed by the "rebuildData.php" maintenance script have to be run after changing the setting of this configuration parameter.

To modify this configuration setting, add one of the following lines to your "LocalSettings.php" file after the enableSemantics() call:

Disabling this feature
$smwgPageSpecialProperties = array( );
Adding special properties e.g. "Creation date" and "Is a new page"
$smwgPageSpecialProperties[] = '_CDAT';
$smwgPageSpecialProperties[] = '_NEWP';

or alternatively

$smwgPageSpecialProperties = array_merge(
        $smwgPageSpecialProperties, array( '_CDAT', '_NEWP' )
Replacing special property "Modification date" by "Is a new page"
$smwgPageSpecialProperties = array( '_CDAT' );

This documentation page applies to all SMW versions from 1.7.0 to the most current version.
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