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You should not get those dependencies (ie Validator and DataValues) yourself. If you use Composer, they will be installed for you, and you will not have to load them. In case you use the 1.9 tarball, they are included in SMW in the tarball, and loaded by SMW, so again you do not need to load them yourself.

23:41, 3 January 2014

Thanks. As I don't have shell access, I'm using the tarball. Maps and Semantic Maps, on the other hand, require Validator, right? Anyway, commenting out both Validator and DataValues works, except for a couple of errors:

  1. The web page appears twice, except that the content for the second one contains the message "Invalid job command `SMWUpdateJob`", followed by a backtrace pointing for instance to " .../includes/job/JobQueue.php(189): Job::factory('SMWUpdateJob', Object(Title), false, '5379311')". Perhaps this will sort itself out once a data refresh process is finalised, but it will take some time to find out.
  2. Secondly, there is an error report at the bottom of the page saying "Warning: Cannot modify header information" - headers already sent by (output started at .../includes/OutputPage.php:1987) in .../includes/WebResponse.php on line 38"
  3. Thirdly, Semantic Forms no longer works, due to issues concerning "'Serialization of 'Closure'".

Before I make any Bugzilla reports, though, I'll focus first on upgrading to MW 1.22.

11:32, 5 January 2014

I'm not really sure what happens on your site but the issue reported with `SMWUpdateJob` can't happen because we explicitly test this case with [1]. If you have a correct setup then [2] will make sure that both ('SMW\UpdateJob', 'SMWUpdateJob') are available.



14:59, 5 January 2014

Well, shouldn't but it happens anyway. I've now tried an installation of SMW on MW 1.19.7 (PHP 5.3.3-7+squeeze18 (cgi-fcgi) + MySQL 5.1.72-2), with most of the extensions commented out. (FWIW: This time "Initialize or upgrade tables" fails altogether on the first attempt, but succeeds on the second one.) Just for the sake of comprehensiveness, here's the full error message:

Invalid job command `SMWUpdateJob`


#0 [...]/includes/job/JobQueue.php(189): Job::factory('SMWUpdateJob', Object(Title), false, '5392980')
#1 [...]/includes/Wiki.php(432): Job::pop()
#2 [...]/includes/Wiki.php(409): MediaWiki->doJobs()
#3 [...]/includes/Wiki.php(594): MediaWiki->finalCleanup()
#4 [...]/includes/Wiki.php(503): MediaWiki->main()
#5 [...]/index.php(58): MediaWiki->run()
#6 {main}
15:03, 6 January 2014
17:06, 6 January 2014

Thanks for fixing this. I have now set the target date for to be this Sunday, as this is a fix we want to get out there.

17:42, 7 January 2014

Thanks for this (especially at such a short notice)! I thought at first it was a test but now I realise it's a fix!

21:15, 7 January 2014

To wrap up, I just did a successful SMW upgrade on MediaWiki 1.22, without any outstanding issues though "Initialise or upgrade tables" may not succeed in one go (memory issues most likely). I need to revert now to SMW as SF is not yet compatible with this release, but I'm hopeful that everything will work out.

18:03, 9 January 2014

I'm not aware of anything related to SF not being compatible therefore you may infom Yaron about specific issues you encountered.

19:56, 9 January 2014

Yaron is aware of the responsible bug (49302), which has now been assigned to Stephan Gambke. We'll see.

13:51, 10 January 2014