Filtered List with template not working with table-base introtemplate


I started experimenting with the Filtered Format as a potential solution to a question that my stakeholders asked. I was able to get a "list" result, and formatted with a template, but I ran into two issue;

  • they want the result presented in a tabular format - like the table view
  • but they want to customize how the contents in specific cells appear (merge two properties to provide a user friendly interface) - which the table format assumes all properties appear in separate cells

When I attempted to use a template format wherein the "template" just builds individual rows, and the introtemplate builds the table structure and header, I keep getting a "blue searching swirl" of death - just spinning with no results. Anytime I remove the "{|" table intro from the introtemplate, the query performs well - just not presented in a tabular structure (just rows with vertical pipes between properties).

The Filtered format suggests that this works "just like" format=template, but not quite? Are there limitations on what the template might include?

20:17, 10 March 2020