Get property value from subobject in page of a concept


There is a glossary where articles are splitted on some pages. Each article has some properties. The task is to search all articles where property1 = some_value and return property2. For example search for articles about people and return there names. Such task works perfectly if the glossary articles are each on their own separate page, but I can not find the way how to make it work for subpages, i.e. when there are several articles on one page.

The concept works. It applies filter as follows:

{{#concept: [[Category:Glossary]] [[Glossary term has type::Person]]
 | All pages from the Glossary with articles about people

Request to a single page works as well:

{{#arraydefine: arr
  [[-Has subobject::Glossary/A-Ak]] [[Glossary term has type::Person]]
 |unique, sort=asc
{{#arrayprint: arr| <br/>}}

But how to make it works for all pages in concept? The following does not work:

  [[Concept:Glossary articles about people]]
08:25, 3 July 2020

You might want to post this question on stackoverflow. see

09:58, 3 July 2020