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Semantic Title
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Maintainer(s): Van de Bugger
First released: 3月 2012年
Release: beta
Development: active
Area of usage: 显示数据
Association:SMW = Semantic MediaWiki, SB = Extension "Semantic Bundle", MW = MediaWiki SMW
Shortcut:This is the shortcut to mark the beginning of the subject line when writing a support request to the mailing list or to the extension's author directly. See also this help page. SPT
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语义标题扩展Semantic Title可用于将可见的页面标题设置为某个语义属性(semantic property)的取值。

例如,如果页面"Bug:32758"具有语义属性"Title"(标题),且取值为"SMW handles timezones incorrectly"(意思为:SMW对时区的处理不正确), 则其可见的页面标题将为"SMW handles timezones incorrectly",而如果加以相应的配置的话,子标题则为"Bug:32758"。 类似地,指向该页面的链接将为"SMW handles timezones incorrectly",而其工具提示则为"Bug:32758"。

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