Semantic Title

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Semantic Title
Sets visible page title to value of a semantic property
Further Information
Homepage: follow this link
Maintainer(s): Cindy Cicalese, Van de Bugger
First released: March 2012
Release status: beta
Development status: active
Area of usage: Displaying data
Associated with: SMW
This is the shortcut to mark the beginning of the subject line when writing a support request to the mailing list or to the extension's author directly. See also this help page.
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The Semantic Title extension sets a visible page title to the value of a semantic property.

For example, if page "Bug:32758" has semantic property "Title" with value "SMW handles timezones incorrectly", the visible page title will be "SMW handles timezones incorrectly", with subtitle "Bug:32758" if configured accordingly. Similarly, a link to the page will be "SMW handles timezones incorrectly" with tooltip "Bug:32758".

This documentation page applies to all SMW versions from 1.7.0 to the most current version.
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Semantic Title en 1.7.0