Semantic MediaWiki celebrates its 6th anniversary


Sep 30 2011. Semantic MediaWiki celebrates its 6th anniversary

This day in 2005 the very first version of Semantic MediaWiki (SMW 0.1) was released. What started as an academic project has now evolved into a mature and serious software suite enhancing MediaWiki to take advantage of the possibilities provided by the Semantic Web. "Making your wiki more accessible - for humans and machines" was the principal idea of Semantic MediaWiki during these years, which will continue to accompany its further development.

Since Semantic MediaWiki 0.1 a lot of features have been added to the software, and just last week Semantic MediaWiki 1.6.2 was released. See the version history for more details. Also, many useful semantic extensions have been been created to provide extra functionality, most notably Extension "Page Forms", Extension "Semantic Result Formats" and Extension "Halo".

Also an active community of both developers and users has established itself around Semantic MediaWiki and is still gaining momentum.

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