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Semantic MediaWiki Plus (SMW+) was a suite of software developed by the Ontoprise corporation, and funded by the Vulcan corporation, that included new extensions (most notably Extension "Halo"), modified versions of Semantic MediaWiki and related extensions, and a modified version of MediaWiki itself. It was maintained from 2007 to 2012. In April 2012, Ontoprise went bankrupt, and Vulcan ceased their involvement in Semantic MediaWiki. In late 2012, the SMW+ website (which in its last incarnation was ceased to exist. It appears that SMW+, at least under that name, is a defunct project.

The two SMW+ extensions which seemed to be used most often are ironically two extensions that were only tangentially related to Semantic MediaWiki: Extension "WYSIWYG extension", which provided a WYSIWYG editor, and Extension "Access Control List", also known as HaloACL, which provided fine-grained read and write permissioning.

SMW+ also included a Windows installer, which made downloading and maintaining the software on Windows servers easier.

There are currently at least two efforts to revive at least some of the extensions of SMW+:

  • DataWiki, a variation of SMW+ produced by DIQA-PM; DIQA-PM is a company run by some of the former developers of Ontoprise.
  • Archive:OntoLTS, a project to create updated, non-proprietary versions of some SMW+ extensions.

Included extensions[edit]

The extensions listed in this table were part of SMW+. Note that not all extensions included are shown here.

Extension:Semantic Gardening (obsolete)Semantic Gardening allows you to detect inconsistencies or peculiarities in your wiki's semantic data via automatic botsSGDOntoprise

This documentation page applies to all SMW versions from 1.1.0 to the most current version.
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