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Provides an elaborate toolbox to let you gain immediate benefits of semantically enriched, i.e. annotated content.
Further Information
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Maintainer(s): Ontoprise
First released: October 2007
Release: stable
Development: active
Area of usage: Adding and modifying data
Association:SMW = Semantic MediaWiki, SB = Extension "Semantic Bundle", MW = MediaWiki SMW+
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The Halo extension provides an elaborate toolbox to let you gain immediate benefits of semantically enriched, i.e. annotated content. It not only improves the usability of standard SMW features remarkably, but also (and first of all) provides exclusive features like the Ontology browser or the Semantic Toolbar.

The intuitive graphical user interfaces of the Halo extension substantially facilitate the authoring, retrieval, navigation and organization of semantic data.

It basically comprises:

  • Semantic Toolbar, allowing to quickly inspect, create and alter the semantic annotations of a wiki article
  • Advanced Annotation Mode, for annotating contents semantically in a WYSIWYG-like manner without having to cope with the wiki source text
  • Auto-completion, suggesting entities or data existing in the wiki while typing (e.g. when annotating in the wiki-text or filling in input fields)
  • Graphical query interface, empowering users to easily compose queries and preview query results with different output formats
  • Ontology browser, enabling intuitive browsing and changing of the wiki's ontology and lookup of instance and property information

The pre-configured and ready-to-use bundle of the Halo extension (including MediaWiki, Semantic MediaWiki and other useful extensions) is also known as SMW+.