Conference dinner

SMWCon Fall 2015
Conference dinner
Talk details
Description: Official conference dinner on the evening of the first conference day (October 29, 2015).
Audience: Everyone
Event start: 2015/10/29 08:30:00 PM
Event finish: 2015/10/29 11:30:00 PM
Length: minutes
Video: not available
Keywords: get-together, confernece dinner, Barcelona
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This official conference dinner provides the possibility to have dinner, do some interesting talking and enjoy youself togehter with the other conference attendees and participants. The cost for the conference dinner is included in the entrance fee for the conference days.

How to arrive from the venue[edit]

  • Metro (30-40 min): Route map
    • Sant Andreu station (Red Line) -> direction to Hospital de Bellvitge
    • Stop at Universitat.
    • Gathering at 20.00 in Placa Universitat
    • Walk to the restaurant (around 10 min). Carrer Ferlandina, 29 (In front of MACBA museum).

Semantic MediaWiki Barcelona 2015 Song[edit]

So many systems worked online
but they were all quite sticky.
A decade ago was the right time
to invent Semantic MediaWiki.

In Wikiland they planted seeds
of categories and properties.
So every page is a fruit of these
and makes the users happy bees.

They were so smart to write the code
that joined us all together.
And since that time we can find sun
despite of any weather.

So we sit here and drink the wine
and enjoy Spanish tapas.
And we say thanks to Denny and Markus,
Our Semantic Papas.

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