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A MediaWiki news channel! HasEntityKeyword
  • Community, cooperate
A SMW referatory for qualitative Research Software, Workflows and Projects HasEntityKeyword
  • Referatory, cooperate
Best practices for creating extensions using BoilerPlate and Example HasEntityKeyword
  • develop
Cargo and Page Forms: state of the extensions HasEntityKeyword
  • Cargo, Forms
Conference Program Keynote HasEntityKeyword
  • Community, Faceting
Connections between SMW and Wikibase HasEntityKeyword
  • Sparql, Wikibase
Design/configure templates for optimal use with VisualEditor HasEntityKeyword
  • Templates, VisualEditor
Enable extended RDF support by Semantic MediaWiki HasEntityKeyword
  • RDF
Exploiting and empowering semantic data with 2 new semantic extension: Sparql Result Format and Semantic Auth/Profiling HasEntityKeyword
  • Analytics, Authorization, BI, Dashboard, Diagrams, Extension, Graph, Permissions, Profiling, RDF, Security, Sparql, Triples, Triplestore, configure, query
Extension "WSForm" hands-on HasEntityKeyword
  • Forms, HTML
FINA Wiki - SMW supporting numismatic research HasEntityKeyword
  • WebDatabase
Fundamental MW security/safety considerations for 3rd party users HasEntityKeyword
  • Permissions, Security
Host's Keynote HasEntityKeyword
  • Keynote, UIC
Identifying your Users HasEntityKeyword
  • Authentication
Lightning Talks HasEntityKeyword
  • Community
MABS update HasEntityKeyword
  • MediaWiki
MWStake induced extension certification (MWS Certification) HasEntityKeyword
  • Confidence, NonDevelopers
Navigation in the new Electrical Installation Guide Wiki HasEntityKeyword
  • NonDevelopers, User Interface
OpenResearch - Find your scientific conference HasEntityKeyword
  • Conference Management System,, Event, Open Science,
SMW Social Media Activities HasEntityKeyword
  • NonDevelopers, SocialMedia, manage
Smart iconography on your wiki HasEntityKeyword
  • Search, Usability, User Interface
The WMF Core Platform Team: Roadmap Update and Q&A HasEntityKeyword
  • MediaWiki, WMF
User-friendly wikis HasEntityKeyword
  • NonWikiDesign, Skinning
WSArrays - an easy way to use complex arrays in your wiki HasEntityKeyword
  • MediaWiki, Semantic MediaWiki
Yearly Semantic MediaWiki overview HasEntityKeyword
  • Extension, Release, Semantic MediaWiki, develop - a shared Railway Digital Knowledge Vault HasEntityKeyword
  • RDF
semantic::isms - The Smart ISMS-Wiki HasEntityKeyword
  • Compliance, Security
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Community  +
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