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The following people and companies can be hired to set up a wiki that uses Semantic MediaWiki; or, in some cases, to do custom development. (Feel free to add yourself, or your company, to the appropriate list.)



  • BITPlan/ProfiWiki - Create a professional Wiki that fits your needs
  • Data-Farms (de) – Implementation, Training, Customization and Support for Enterprise Wiki solutions
  • Dataparc - Semantic Mediawiki consulting in Montreal & Toronto, Canada. Experience supporting SMW in corporations, non-profits, science and education.
  • DIQA (de) – professional software products for knowledge management (DataWiki), information management in SharePoint (GRASP) and Linked Data (Triplestore basic), and services for MediaWiki, SMW, DataWiki and SharePoint.
  • Energypedia Consult (de) - We focus on development cooperation. We advise you in the fields of IT-based knowledge management and monitoring, monitoring and evaluation, basic energy services, and public relations.
  • GmbH & Co. KG (de) – semantic::apps: business applications and data integration with SMW, training, consulting, customization, support.
  • KDZ - Centre for Public Administration Research (at) - MediaWiki/SMW in the public sector.
  • PediaPress GmbH - provides consulting, customization and support for MediaWiki as a publishing platform (with the Collection Extension)
  • Prescient Software - We are specialists in Linux and MediaWiki implementations: Anything from server set up and configuration through to specific semantic wiki deployments. Skilled in providing high quality MediaWiki skins.
  • SaaS Web Internet Solutions GmbH (de) - Professional managed MediaWiki hosting, also BlueSpice MediaWiki (which includes Semantic Wiki). We speak also english and french ;-)
  • Sémantiki (fr) - provides hosting, consulting, setup/configuration and administration
  • (ca, en, es, ro) – consultation, training, development of custom extensions.
  • SmallData42 (de) - provides consulting, training, setup, customization and support
  • WikiAhoi (de, en) – Knowledge management for small companies. Consulting, concept, training, based in Vienna.
  • Wikibase Solutions (nl, en) – We implement Semantic MediaWiki solutions and provide hosting, support, maintenance and extension development.
  • (de, en) – provides hosting, consulting, training, setup/configuration, administration, customizing
  • Wiki Valley (fr) - provides consulting and hosting of private wikis with SMW, Page Forms and Visual Editor
  • WikiVote (ru) - consulting. Mostly work with some interesting (not encyclopedic) projects. If you're freelancer and want to work with us, please contact Yury Katkov
  • WikiWorks – MediaWiki consulting. Founded by Yaron Koren, developer of Semantic Forms and other extensions
  • XL&Knowledge (nl) - Specialists in knowledge management and semantic technologies. An ArchiXL company, enterprise architecture professionals.