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Page Schemas
Defines the data structure for all pages in a category using XML
Further Information
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Maintainer(s): Yaron Koren
First released: August 2011
Release: beta
Development: active
Area of usage: Other area of usage
Association:SMW = Semantic MediaWiki, SB = Extension "Semantic Bundle", MW = MediaWiki MW
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Page Schemas is an extension that allows for defining all the schema information about a "class", or data type - for naming, display, data input, and browsing - within a single piece of XML contained within a category page. This XML then is used to generate all the necessary additional pages needed to put the schema into effect, such as template pages and, for instance, if Semantic Forms is installed, form pages. The XML can be created and edited via a helper form, preventing users from having to generate or modify it manually.

Page Schemas allows other extensions to define their own fields to add to the XML, using hooks. Currently, the following extensions hook into Page Schemas:

This documentation page applies to all SMW versions from 1.5.2 to the most current version.