New book, "Working with MediaWiki", by SMW developer Yaron Koren


November 26 2012. A new book, Working with MediaWiki, has been released, written by MediaWiki/Semantic MediaWiki developer, consultant and hoster Yaron Koren. Working with MediaWiki is a general reference guide for MediaWiki, intended for both beginning and advanced MediaWiki administrators. The book discusses many of MediaWiki's extensions as well, and about 1/3 of the book covers Semantic MediaWiki and its related extensions.

Working with MediaWiki is the first MediaWiki reference book published since 2010, and it is the first one to cover Semantic MediaWiki to any significant extent. It is available as a printed book, an e-book and a PDF.

Yaron is best known in the SMW community for being the main author of the extension Extension "Page Forms". He is also the author of around 10 other extensions, runs the SMW-based wiki farm Referata, and runs the MediaWiki consulting company WikiWorks.

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