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Name  Natasha
First name  Brown
Photo  Photo 2016-09-29 104259Natasha Brown.jpgNatbrown.png
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About me  I am a Russian teacher who has lived in London over 20 years. I make Youtube videos together with my daughter and granddaughter to help students learn Russian.

I started making my first site in January 2010 as However I realised that it will work not only with Russian but with the other languages as well and I have remade the site as WikiTranslate.

We are working on an English course now together with my husband who in a native professional English teacher.

Publish?  No
Events  SMWCon: Fall 2010 (Amsterdam); Fall 2015 (Barcelona), SMWCon Fall 2016,

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Foreign Language Learning Semantic WaySMWCon Fall 2015Foreign Language Learning Semantic WayThis talk will explore the Why and How Semantic MediaWiki can help a student to learn and a teacher to teach language