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Alternating row colours[edit]

The example below will result in the display of alternating rows (see also bugzilla).

/* even and odd in tables*/
.smwtable .row-even {background-color:#FFF;}
.smwtable .row-odd {background-color:#cde6ea;}
Hi MWJames, I have added it slightly changed. Cheers --[[kgh]] 21:12, 13 November 2011 (CET)

Set width of td in generated table[edit]

{{#ask: [[Foo::+]] [[Name::~*Hello*]] | ?Name | ?Title | format=table}}

{{#ask: [[Foo::+]] [[Name::~*World*]] | ?Name | ?Title | format=table}}

Two tables. Both have different width, depending from the returned result. Do i have the possibility to give them a width, just to make the result a little more appealing?

Workaround: create table, use template in ask to return a complete row for table.. possible, but not nice

-- 16:02, 2 February 2012 (CET)

Possible solution. Emijrp 23:19, 2 February 2012 (CET)
And that's also there: Help:Table_format#Applying_CSS_formatting. --Eric 23:47, 2 February 2012 (CET)
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