Just brainstorming style, might contain mostly nonsense. I have no idea about programming, please bear with me. Feel free to talk to me.

My "SMW wishlist"[edit]

Namespaces in results[edit]

Would be nice to have a parameter to switch off display of namespaces of properties of type page in results.

Maybe with a parameter called "namespaces" and possible values "show" (default) and "hide".

With namespaces=show:

City Event
Berlin Event:SomeEvent
Tokio Event:TheTokioEvent
New York Event:SMW Con

With namespaces=hide:

City Event
Berlin SomeEvent
Tokio TheTokioEvent
New York SMW Con

Easier handling of events/date/time[edit]

I could be completely wrong and there's no issue at all but to me the following does look suboptimal:

It's pretty easy to add events taking place on a specific day.

However, an event stretching over several days, for example a music festival starting Thursday ending Sunday, is something to be defined as a recurring event. It might be something recurring from a SMW methods perspective but from a user perspective it's actually not recurring.

But then, there are also recurring events (user perspective), for example the feeding of the seals taking place every Wednesday at the city zoo. In that case setting recurring events looks like the way to go, if there were not those limitations, notably unability to query for those occurences of an event taking place in a specific timeframe.

That could be done using SIO's #set_internal_recurring_event but then it's not possible to set several recurring events which is a known issue, just imagine the feeding of the seals is taking place each Wednesday and each Saturday...

And then, using #set_recurring or #set_internal_recurring you can't use the really cool event calendar because that "printer expects recurring events to be defined as subobject". Adding 5 subobjects per week to cover the daily morning meeting occuring each work day doesn't seem really convenient.

It might be possible to find workarounds, like using Extension "Semantic Page Series", using templates to #set ... events AND store the data as subobjects in addition, etc.

But what I wish for is:

  • easy setting of events with longer duration than a day
  • easy setting of recurring events (in the meaning of the seal feeding)
  • "queryability" of all events/instances of events similar to what is possible for subobjects
  • and all of that not resulting in lots of markup in the page confusing the "ordinary user"

Inverse tables[edit]

UPDATE: Yeah, transpose parameter for result format table is doing it:

Result format or option in table result fomarts to inverse columns and rows, meaning the rows now displaying individual results would be ordered vertically in colums and what is now table headers would turn into the first column.


"mainlabel" Result 1 Result n
Property A Propery Value A1 Propery Value An
Property B Propery Value B1 Propery Value Bn

Formlink opening in new window[edit]

UPDATE: Yeah, new window parameter->

Besides opening as a popup it would be nice to have an option in formlink & Co to open the target in a new window/tab.

Gallery modes[edit]

Support of mode parameter for result format gallery.

SMW examples and stuff[edit]

Transpose, styled labels and donut[edit]

Transposed table with Font Awesome icons in labels next to a donut chart illustrating the same data, and below a formlink also with an Font Awesome icon: