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Important noteImportant Note: This page is work in progress.
Fulltext search support
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SMW 2.5 adds an experimental support (not enabled by default) for accessing the full-text capabilities of the SQL back-end. Support was added for MySQL1 and SQLite2 while Postgres is currently not supported34.

The search is only supported by the SQLStore (the SPARQLStore requires the native support of full-text search capabilities by the triple-store).


  • Semantic MediaWiki 2.5+
  • MySQL 5.5+ / MariaDB 10.0.5+1
  • SQLite 3.8+2
  • PHP 5.5+
  • SQLStore

Features and limitations

  • FT_SEARCH table aggregated search content for BLOB and URI values against an index search is being executed
  • Supported operations rely on the backend database (MySQL, MariaDB)
  • For MySQL and MariaDB, IN BOOLEAN MODE is used as default search mode
  • relevance and scores are not used for any sorting purpose (e.g. as in best match)
  • TextSanitizer relies on onoi/tesa to provide some text manipulation support as well as a possibility to use language detection if enabled
  • Custom stopwords are only applied by onoi/tesa in case the language detection is enabled but MySQL/MariaDB provide their own standard list 5 which are enabled by default

CJK support

  • General CJK support is a challenging endeavour due to text elements to be broken into corresponding tokens that are not separate by spaces
  • onoi/tesa provides some simple Tokenizer's (which doesn't require language detection) that will try to provide rudimentary CJK search out-of-the box (expects ICU 54+)
  • Mroonga is a MySQL storage engine and said to be a CJK-ready fulltext search, column store
  • MySQL comes with an optional ngram Full-Text Parser and MeCab Full-Text Parser Plugin.
  • According to, MariadDB is missing those parser plug-ins

Settings and configurations

Changes to any of the above settings, requires to re-run the rebuildFulltextSearchTable.php script.

Manuals and instructions

This feature is not enabled by default, please read the following manuals and instructions for insights on:

  • Indexing describes some methods on how to manually create and update the index table
  • Searching contains some examples and descriptions about the available search syntax
  • Technical notes has some notes about the technical implementation, fine-tuning, and performance

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